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Nigeria: A Country of Animal Kingdom

Nigeria: A Country of Animal Kingdom

Nigeria: A Country of Animal Kingdom

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James U. Ekeh

The country is a nation of survival of the fittest just like in the Animal kingdom where the big and strongest animals eat up the smaller ones so to survive in the forest.

The survival of the fittest in the animal kingdom is much more prominent and thus plays a larger role. It affects animals every second of every day of their lives. In a split moment, they could die all because they were not the “fittest”.

The survival of the fittest is those with the best traits are able to reproduce their traits to their offspring through the process of natural selection. It also works in the opposite direction in that those with the weakest traits get hunted and killed off. Therefore, they cannot reproduce and pass on their traits that were not the “fittest”.

The stronger lions kill off weaker gazelles and thus the lion’s genes can be passed on whereas the gazelles’ cannot. The weak lions that cannot catch any gazelle cannot obtain enough food and die off. Therefore the weak lions’ genes cannot be passed on.

The strong gazelles who are not caught by the lions can live and pass on their genes to the next generation. Therefore the “‘fittest’ tend to pass on more of their genes to the next generation. Survival of the fittest is the natural way the animal kingdom works. 

This is the analogy of how animals survives and passed on there own generation. This is not different from what happens in Nigeria in the political setting, the big boys who are rulers of political parties controls the affairs of the party, determines who becomes the president who becomes the next governor, senator and other prominent positions.

These political big wigs act as the godfather to the governors, senators and even the President. And this cut across all levels of government, you must be ready to be loyal to your godfather if you want to survive and do whatever you are instructed by this godfathers.

If you try to do otherwise you will be eaten up and disgraced out of office. Just as what happened in Lagos on Ambode and what Obaseki in Edo state is battling with. These Big wigs make themselves semi-gods that choose and determines every affair of the country and state, they pick their friends, family members, and loyalist to occupy strategical positions

Just as the strong animals in the jungle, these strong individuals are praised and worshipped by smaller ones so to gain one favour or the other in other to survive, even when these people only use the poor to get to the top and defalcate money and commonwealth belonging to the country and the irony of it is that everyone hails and respect them so much and that makes them so powerful, detective and authoritative.

These big and strong individuals just like other animals don’t send their children to schools here in the country rather to the best schools abroad so to always have that higher knowledge and experience than other people in the country in other to continue occupying the so-called leadership positions and every relevant position of the economy in other to continue being powerful just as their fathers have done or is doing.

These strong individuals after neglecting the education sector of the country to crumble and the hospitals become morgues, the children of the poor die in their thousands, and people’s health deteriorates for lack of adequate health care then the big wigs go abroad for treatments. They don’t care about the number of poor people who dies daily as long as it’s not their family, they don’t care the number of people who are out of school as long as their children attend the best schools in the world so to come back and rule the poor again.

Of course, they won’t want you to be healthy, to get the best education or empowered so you don’t challenge them tomorrow. If there’s a plane crash now, the story will go viral and the discussion will trend for months, it will be discussed in the national assembly for findings and solutions why because it affects them and their lives matter a lot than the lives of “ordinary Nigerians” as they use to address the poor. But a motor accident, bandits, communal clashes, insensitive killings happening within the country and thousands of people are killed every day, the discussion will not trend up to 24hrs and if it happens to be raised in the national assembly it will be “we condemn the acts” no solution no suggestions because the life of the poor doesn’t matter anyway.

It’s called the survival of the fittest just like the animal kingdom, a man who is average financially and sees the opportunity to oppress the poor will do that with so much joy, intimidate and suppress the lesser person, collect what rightfully belongs to the poor and send him or her to jail because no one can speak or stand for him.

The Police with their uniform, oppresses and intimidate the poor and cheat them, arrest and in most cases waste their lives because who cares to fight for them. The military officers because of their uniforms oppress and beat up a civilian who they believe are more powerful than forgetting that they both have the same fate, they are both poor and vulnerable to the activities of the big wigs and will retire one day to reap what they have sowed even down to their children.

In the office and public services these act of survival of the fittest is found there, eat up the smaller ones so to survive and remain at the top. They frustrate and intimidate others, some take advantage of the opposite sex just to show their superiority and power.

The saddest part is that even the so-called “ordinary Nigerians” are wicked and heartless to themselves, the poor rising up against the poor, eating up themselves to get power and influence in the community, eating up their own kind, this is even what the Animals don’t do in their kingdom. Nowhere is safe for anyone.

The religious places where ideally you will think is the safest place to be is actually the most dangerous place you can find yourself in this country where pastors or imams fight against each other, politically, spiritually, and physically in the churches and mosques. Division in the church and the so-called powerful pastors not allowing other junior pastors to grow and when they do, the big wigs relegate and frustrate them. They want to be the one to always preach and being seen on the pulpit, they want to be the only one relevant and wants everyone to honour and worship them, only their faces and voices to be seen and heard on the television and radio

The church is now a family business, were the G.O and the wife own the church not the members anymore and they pass the leadership of the church to their children as a family entity. What a shame and disappointment.

These religious places even deceive the poor more than the governments, by psychologically toning and activating their mental state into what we call “mumu button” and collect the little money they have, making big donations that reck them financially and use spirituality to gain influence and control their lives. It is quite funny that the big wigs politically are also victims of these mental manipulations from religious leaders

Sadly, this is everywhere and we are a country of the animal kingdom. Are we talking about our institutions that also is disappointing. Institutions like the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC only work effectively for the big wigs, not for the poor. The Consumer Protection Commission doesn’t also work for the common man.

In an instance that happened somewhere in Lagos, where a young man who deposited N100,000 in his UBA account and after 3 days N90,000 was deducted from the account, he went to the bank to complain, the customer care promised to find out what happened within two weeks after the two weeks, he went back to the bank and the bank manager told him that he didn’t keep his money well, he should get out of the bank as he tries to raise his voice on what he meant by not keeping his money well, the bank manager ordered the mopol police attached to the bank to throw him out of the bank and bluntly told him that he can’t do anything after insulting him, definitely, he knows the man don’t have money or connections to follow the case. He wrote to the bank’s headquarters and to EFCC, to FCPCC and nor responded or did anything about it because he is a poor man, what will be their own cut, it’s just N90,000 not N90,000,000 so why will they respond to such complaint from an “ordinary Nigerian” man.

It is sad in a country of the animal kingdom, banks will deduct unnecessarily, steal and rob their own customers and nothing will happen, no government nor institution will come to their aid.

This is a country where the power supply companies cheat their consumers by unmetered bills or what we know as estimated bills, they disconnect their light, collect bribe to connect it, collect money to repair the transformer or other equipment from their consumers. In some certain areas, they are only entitled to get 5hrs of electricity supply in a day and have what we know as “off day” that day will be total blank out, not because of anything but just to show that they are more powerful than the people and if the community try to challenge them, for weeks or even months that community will not receive power supply just to exercise their superiority and let the people know there are in charge.

These shows of power cut across every sector and level in society. It is not a matter of only the big individuals who are into the divide and rule system. Claiming to be servants of the masses but far from it, rather they are masters, but down to the lowest of individuals. The hospitals are not free from it, where the nurses treat patients who are not wealthy or important individuals as lab experiments and neglect them to death. Doctors only after how much they can make rather than saving lives first, hospitals into no money no treatment style of operation.

On-road traffic, you will see two matured financially average people arguing and challenging themselves, shouting do you know me, do you know who I am and all that just trying to show superiority on the bid to suppress and intimidate the other person.

It’s all about the animal kind of living, eating up the smaller ones to get fatter, the rich will never want to see you get rich but to remain poor so you will continue to be his servant.

Is this how we Nigerians really are or we really need an attitudinal change right from the top to the bottom. Not a spiritual deliverance because the religious leaders and houses have failed the society and are also part of the problem.

We need a national orientation on our attitudes and thinking as Nigerians, we need to understand equality and respect for one another and move forward to become a Nation indeed, we need to understand that you don’t really need to stock up wealth made for the public for yourself and your family because you will die and leave them soon. Also come to realize that nobody rules forever and your power and influence will break and ends one day and what will be left of you is your deeds.

We as Nigerians need to know that injustice to one is an injustice to all no matter who the person is or his or her position. We need to care for our neighbors, that the peace of your next-door neighbor is your peace too and the trouble of your neighbors is yours too. No matter the mansion you build and how high you raise your fence, you can never be safe with your children if your neighbors are not safe and you can’t drive safely on the street where your neighbors are poor, hungry, and angry.

We definitely need attitudinal change to stop this animal kingdom system of living in this country if actually we want to be a true nation and move forward as a country. The time is now and we all are guilty of this and must take responsibility to bring this change starting from you.

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