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FCCPC Prosecutes Ebeano Supermarket And Others over alleged price gouging

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On Tuesday, FCCPC (formerly CPC) is the leading competition & consumer protection agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria Prosecutes H-Medix, Faxx Stores, Ebeano Supermarket & Bakan Gizo Pharmacy over alleged price gouging.

At 1st sitting today at Federal High Court, relevant argument on jurisdiction resolved & the court proceeding with case against defendants. Further hearing adjourned to 25/6/20.

Babatunde Irukera, CEO, FCCPC & prosecuting counsel explained charges were vital to deter outrageously increasing gouging.

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It has come in time were so many companies and businesses allegedly are taking advantage of the masses in hyping prices of items and services.

Nigerians also aired their views on the issue while commending the agency for taking such action to checkmate the alleged price gouging, said FCCPC should also check the excessive charges by commercial banks and telecommunication companies in the country for it has come become the new norms.

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